Our Services

Moving and Negotiating Complex Settings and Systems

Mike Balmages and Doug Davidson have  counseled large and small business entities and many individuals on a wide range of employment, business and real estate issues. Balmages & Davidson is expert in all aspects of employment, business and real estate litigation and administrative proceedings, including:  pre-litigation planning; the initiating of litigation and administrative proceedings; the answering of and responding to litigation and administrative proceedings filed against our clients; pretrial discovery and investigation; settlement negotiations; trial; and post-trial proceedings. On the business planning and counseling side, Balmages & Davidson has extensive experience in:  Contract negotiating and drafting; real estate deal planning, negotiation and drafting; entity formation, housekeeping and maintenance; corporate dissolution proceedings; trademark licensing; and employment counseling and terminations.

  • Employment & business Law
  • Real estate law
  • Pre-litigation planning
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Trial & post trial proceedings
  • Business planning & counseling
  • Contract negotiations & drafting
  • Trademark licensing